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One of the biggest transformations in Ivy's life was when she "manifested" her partner of now 12 years. 

After coming out of a toxic relationship with an unfaithful boyfriend, Ivy found herself in darkness questioning why she attracted men like this and unhealthy relationships.

Finally ready to break this pattern, she underwent and series of practices, using energy healing, the law of attraction, hypnosis, meditation, and of course actions, that led her to an abundant life and partnership with her soulmate - within 6 weeks!

Her goal is to spread love and help thousands of women find the love of their life, using The Magnetic Love Method - Your Best-Self Transformation, To Attract The Love You Want!
A 40- Day Transformational Program.
After 6 months of training with Ivy, I met my now fiance - (after being single for 10 years!), the tools will always be part of my life now, it’s given me much inner peace and confidence.

Rita S.

Small Business Owner