Download my biohacking guide and meditation to energetically align all areas of your life that will help you reach an optimal state of consciousness so you can feel and perform at your best.

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Ivy is a Certified Peak Performance Coach, helping you to access more peak experiences and better yet, map that across all areas of your life. To add to the transformational toolbox is NLP Master Coach, Hypnotherapy Trainer, Feng Shui Consultant, and Pranic Energy Healer.
Many think that the Peak Performer title is reserved for the elite athlete, military, corporate exec, or artists on the big stage.  IT. IS. NOT.
It’s for anyone who is tired of holding back, it’s for anyone who’s wanting to fire up that little pilot light still inside of them. 
It’s for anyone wanting to have more peak experiences and map that across other areas in life.
What are you going to need to finish that last mile, of the multitudes of races, that you complete in your day to day life?
Are you done with feeling drained at the end of day?
Do you wish that you had more in you for you, for your loved ones?
Peak Performance is for the home grown human, wanting to live in the fullest expression of themselves so they have the juice, the fuel to give back to themselves, their loved ones and their community

Play, love, and give more...
After 6 months of training with Ivy, I met my now fiance - (after being single for 10 years!), the tools will always be part of my life now, it’s given me much inner peace and confidence.

Rita S.

Small Business Owner